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About Me

My name is Derek Oldham and I am proud to be the leader in Budtender Education and Training for Cannabis Industry Professionals in Michigan. 

I started my career as an outdoor trip leader and river guide in Oregon. Leading outdoor expeditions helped me hone my skill sets to become a strong leader, educator, and trip facilitator. I bring this approach with me in my education seminars so I can better help others understand the benefits, and manage the risks (unknown outcomes), and recommend the right dose, set, setting, and equipment for their journey.

I have worked in the cannabis industry for 5 years and in multiple states, and have been fortunate enough to travel around the world and experience cannabis culture in 12 countries.

My knowledge and passion for ganja brought me from Oregon to Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2018. I became a budtender as the market transitioned from medical to adult use. I continued to work as a budtender and dispensary store manager throughout the pandemic, helping to provide medicine and support for our community during a difficult time. The people that came in and shared their healing stories about how ganja improved their lives kept me inspired and hungry for more knowledge.

This desire lead me to become a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2020. This experience taught me how to ask better questions and embrace the bio-individuality of each person.


During this time I worked with City Council and Decriminalize Nature to successfully change the law to decriminalize entheogenic plants and fungi in Ann Arbor. At this time I started to cultivate my own medicine that really helped keep me strong and healthy minded while being an essential worker throughout the pandemic.

In 2021, I was accepted into the first Ganjier certification program to become a designated Master of Cannabis Service and an expert in assessing cannabis products. The Ganjier program is the most comprehensive collection of cannabis knowledge currently available, containing both cutting edge science, and the ancient, forbidden, and nearly forgotten wisdom of the past. I trained rigorously to pass my exams in Humboldt County, and was honored to graduate and receive the title of Certified Ganjier.

It is now my duty and my privilege to ensure that this knowledge is preserved, passed on, and expanded upon.

I am currently offering Budtender Training Seminars to cannabis industry professionals. I have created an 8 hour course that facilitates a deep dive into everything that makes ganja such an important and sacred plant for us humans. From the history and culture to the botany and pharmacology, we cover it all. I will teach you how to be confident on the bud floor, help you match patient requests with the right products, and understand the why behind it all in a fun, engaging and memorable way.



I also offer Ganjier SAPS (Systematic Assessment Protocols) to growers and processors who have a product that you are really proud of that may not have received the cannabinoid results you were hoping for. A Ganjier's Flower and Concentrate Assessment is a great companion to a lab test.

Where a lab performs a quantitative assessment of safety and cannabinoid content, the Ganjier's Systematic Assessment Protocol assesses all of the character and quality markers of the flower and concentrate. From the cure to the terpenes, appearance, flavors, aroma, and experience, all of these factors determine the true potency of the plant. The full report with generous notes will be available for you and other Ganjiers to see, and you will also receive a QR code to be shared easily on any social media platform.

My offerings below are just a few of the ways that you can work with me.

To schedule a Budtender Training Seminar for yourself or your staff, request a Flower or Concentrate Assessment, or for all other inquiries, you can email me directly at