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Fulfillment, Refund & Cancellation Policy

Refunds for systematic assessment protocols will not be given. Refunds to in person trainings will not be given, though if you are an individual and unable to attend the class, you may, in some circumstances, be able to reschedule to another date. Cancellations of staff training dates are refundable at 100% for up to 48 hours in advance. Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will be charged at 50%. If Derek Oldham CG must cancel, a full refund will be given. 

All systematic assessment protocols will be completed and delivered within 30 days of submission. Report contains visual inspection, notes, photographs, and a score out of 100 points. If the sample is deemed unsafe to consume, you will get a report with the available information. Refunds for systematic assessment protocols will not be given.  If Derek Oldham CG LLC is unable to meet these obligations, a refund may be issued. Samples must be delivered in full accordance with the Federal, State, and local laws and regulations. 

Terms and Conditions

  1. Derek Oldham CG LLC owns all title, copyright and all intellectual property rights in the learning programs, related products, portals and any modifications or translations of them (“the Property”). The authorized signor acknowledges that you do not own and shall not acquire any title, copyright or any other intellectual property rights in the Property and shall not modify, translate adapt or otherwise amend the Property and shall only use them for your private educational or informational purposes, any copying, distribution, transmission, or publication of the Property is strictly prohibited without the express permission of Derek Oldham CG LLC received in writing.

  2. Derek Oldham CG LLC reserves the right to update, alter, suspend or discontinue any aspect of the products or site to improve the user experience.

Access to personal data

Public Terms & Conditions
These terms and conditions apply to Services provided by Derek Oldham CG LLC 621 Brooks St APT 2 Ann Arbor, MI 48103 United States (“Derek Oldham CG” or “we” or “us”).
You may contact us on
Please read these terms and conditions carefully before purchasing an online course and print off a copy for your records.
If there is any conflict between our Website Disclaimer, these terms and conditions and any Course Specific Terms and Conditions which might apply to a specific Online Course or Taught Course then the conflict shall be resolved by applying the following order of priority:
Course Specific Terms and Conditions;
These Standard Terms for the Purchase of Online and Taught Courses;
Website Disclaimer.
For purchases via our website, by clicking on the “Accept” button you agree to the terms of this agreement which will bind you. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions you must cease to continue to purchase any Services from us.
1. Definitions
“Confidential Information” means information provided by one party to the other in written, graphic, recorded, machine readable or other form concerning the business, clients, suppliers, finances and other areas of the other party’s business or products, including, without limitation, the Course Materials, but does not include information in the public domain other than through the default of the party disclosing the information, information required to be disclosed by any court or regulatory authority, or any information already in the possession or control of the disclosing party.
“Course Materials” means the information provided by Derek Oldham CG to accompany a course provided as part of the Services in hard copy or electronic form.
“Fees” means the fees paid by you to Derek Oldham CG for the Services.
“Intellectual Property Rights” means copyright, rights in or relating to databases, patent rights, performers’ rights, designs and registered designs, trademarks, rights in or relating to Confidential Information and other intellectual property rights (registered or unregistered) throughout the world.
“Online Course” means the delivery by us of an online course pursuant to which you learn course materials remotely.
“Services” means the provision of the Online Course, in person course, or flower or concentrate assessment, with such other services as agreed from time to time and purchased by you in person or through the Website.
“Website” means
“you” means the individual purchasing the Services.
2. The Services
2.1. A description of the Services together with the dates on which the Services will begin are available on our Website. We will provide the Services with reasonable care and skill in accordance with the description set out on the Website.
2.2. We reserve the right to vary or withdraw any of the Services described on the Website without notice.
2.3 We expect you to confirm that the Services you are purchasing will meet your needs. We do not make any guarantee to you that you will obtain a particular result, professional qualification or employment opportunity from your purchase and completion of any of the Services.
3. Cancellation and Variation
3.1 If you have purchased an Online Course or in person course and have already attended, accessed, downloaded all or part of Course and/or started to use the course then you shall have no right to cancel your order. Refunds will not be given for any services provided.
4. Fees
Terms and Conditions:
1. Derek Oldham CG owns all title, copyright and all intellectual property rights in the online learning programs, related products, portals and any modifications or translations of them (“the Property”). The authorized signor acknowledges that you do not own and shall not acquire any title, copyright or any other intellectual property rights in the Property and shall not modify, translate adapt or otherwise amend the Property and shall only use them for your private educational or informational purposes in accordance with any instructions.
2. Except as expressly stated in the courses, any copying, distribution, transmission, or publication of the Property is strictly prohibited without the express permission of Derek Oldham CG received in writing.
3. Derek Oldham CG reserves the right to update, alter, suspend or discontinue any aspect of the products or site to improve the user experience.:
Once payment has been received for all or part of the Enterprise license, the right of termination ceases without consent of both parties.
4. This Order Form is non-cancelable and non-refundable.
5. Customer will maintain complete and accurate billing and contact information.
5. Liability
5.1. Although Derek Oldham CG aims to provide the Services to the highest standards of the industry, neither it, nor its trainers accept any liability for (i) any inaccuracy or misleading information provided in the programs or Course Materials and any reliance by Client on any such information, (ii) any loss or corruption of data, (iii) any loss of profit, revenue or goodwill, or (iv) any indirect, special or consequential loss arising from any breach of the terms of this Agreement.
5.2. Derek Oldham CG’s total liability arising from or in connection with these terms and conditions and in relation to anything which we may have done or not done in connection with these terms and conditions and the delivery of the Service (and whether the liability arises because of breach of contract, negligence or for any other reason) shall be limited to the Fees received by us in connection with the relevant Online Course in relation to which a dispute has arisen.
5.3. No claim may be brought more than six months after the last date on which the Services concerned have finished or ceased to be provided by us.
6. Intellectual Property
6.1. All Intellectual Property Rights in the Course Materials and Online Courses are, and remain, the intellectual property of Derek Oldham, CG.

6.2. You are not authorized to:-
(i) copy, modify, reproduce, re-publish, sub-license, sell, upload, broadcast, post, transmit or distribute any of the Course Materials without prior written consent;
(ii) record on video or audio tape, relay by videophone or other means the Online Course
(iii) use the Course Materials in the provision of any other course or training
(iv) remove any copyright or other notice of Derek Oldham, CG the Course Materials;
(v) modify, adapt, merge, translate, disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer (save to the extent permitted by law) any software forming part of the Online Courses.
Breach by you of this clause 7.2 shall allow us to immediately terminate these terms and conditions with you and cease to provide you with any Services, including but not limited to access to the Online Courses.
6.3. In consideration of the Fees paid by you, we grant to you a limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive license to use the Course Materials and the software in respect of the Online Course for the sole purpose of completing the Online Course and / or attending the Taught Course.
7. Confidentiality
7.1. Each party shall keep the other party’s Confidential Information strictly confidential and not use it otherwise than for the purposes of these terms and conditions, and shall return it on demand and not retain copies of it.
7.2. Either party may disclose Confidential Information to its legal and other advisors for the purposes of obtaining advice from them.
7.3. This clause shall continue notwithstanding termination of these terms and conditions.
8. Termination
9.1. We shall be entitled to terminate these terms and conditions and cease to provide you with any Services with immediate effect in the event that you:
fail to pay when due your Fees;
act in an aggressive, bullying, offensive, threatening or harassing manner towards any employee of Derek Oldham CG
cheat or plagiarize any work which you are required to prepare or submit in connection with the Services or during any examination taken in connection with the Services;
are in breach of these terms and conditions.
9. Assignment
Any Services provided by us under these terms and conditions are personal to you and cannot be transferred or assigned to any other person.
10. Data Protection
14.1 The nature of the Services provided by us means that we will obtain, use and disclose (together “Use”) certain information about you (“Data”). This statement sets out the principles governing our Use of Data. By purchasing the Services you agree to this Use.
14.2 When you register with us you will need to provide certain Data such as your contact details and demographic information. We will store this Data and use it to contact you, provide you with details of the Services you have purchased and otherwise as required during the normal provision of the course.
14.3 We may also use the above Data, and similar Data you provide us in response to surveys, to aggregate user profiles and, unless you click on the relevant button on the Registration Form, provide you with communications. We will not pass any personal data onto anyone outside of Derek Oldham CG
14.3 To enable us to monitor and improve our Services, we gather certain aggregated information about you, including details of your operating system, browser version, domain name and IP address, the URL you came from and go to and the parts of the Website you visit.
14.4. We use information such as your User ID, session identifiers and password to enable us to identify whether you are using our services, assist with the provision of services and to ensure that you have access to relevant products. We will only read cookies from your cookie file placed there through your web browser’s interaction with the Website.
14.5. Our products may link to third party websites and we are not responsible for their data policies or procedures or their content.
14.6. Derek Oldham CG endeavors to take all reasonable steps to protect your personal Data including the use of encryption technology, but cannot guarantee the security of any Data you disclose. You accept the inherent security implications of being and transacting on-line over the internet and will not hold us responsible for any breach of security.
14.7 You are solely responsible in all respects for the use, protection and confidentiality of any password given to you or selected by you for use on the online portal. Such passwords may only be used by you personally and may not be shared or transferred to any third parties. You must notify Derek Oldham CG immediately of any unauthorized use or breach of security regarding site access which comes to your attention.
14.8 You are responsible for ensuring that your computer system meets all relevant technical specifications to use the site, is compatible with the site and capable of running the products. You must not attempt to interfere in any way with the proper working of the site and in particular you must not attempt to circumvent security, tamper with, hack into or otherwise disrupt any computer system, server, website, router or any other internet connected device.
14.7. Derek Oldham CG may supplement the information that you provide with information we receive from third parties, such as exam registration bodies or your employer.
14.8. If you wish to change or update the data we hold about you, please e-mail
Complaints Procedure
15.1 Derek Oldham CG seeks to use all reasonable endeavors to ensure that we provide the highest quality services possible for our students, clients and partners, but we acknowledge that there may be times where a delegate wishes to bring an issue to our attention or raise a concern regarding an aspect of our service.
15. 2 Informal Complaints
In most instances, the issue can be resolved simply by discussing it with the individuals involved, or raising the issues with the relevant member of the client services team. The majority of issues can usually be resolved quickly and easily through either of these channels. Alternatively you can use the evaluation surveys provided for certain programs to raise issues – these will all be processed and analyzed.
15.3 Formal Complaints and Escalation
If the matter is not successfully resolved to your satisfaction via informal means, or the issue is of a serious nature, a formal complaint should be made in writing to as soon as is reasonably possible. The earlier the subject is raised the more likely that the matter will be resolved satisfactorily. Written complaints should state clearly the type and nature of the issue and summarize what steps have been taken to date to resolve it, as well as highlighting why these steps were deemed unsatisfactory. You will receive a response within 3 business days.
15.4 Once a decision has been made, the complainant will receive a summary which sets out details of the findings and, if the complaint is upheld, indicates what action will be taken.
Computer Systems and Virus Protection
Derek Oldham CG continuously review the services we provide to ensure they deliver appropriate levels of security and safety for our users. We recommend that users browsing any website, including Fitch Learning, have up to date security and anti-virus software installed. Fitch Learning cannot be held responsible for any damage to a user’s computer or access device, caused either directly or indirectly by use of our services.

Disclaimer & Privacy Statement

These website terms and conditions (the “Terms”) bring together all our website policies, terms and conditions of use and other information about using the Website. The Terms also govern your use of the Website, our mobile application, and anywhere that these Terms are posted, in which case, the term “Website” herein covers the site or application on which these Terms are posted. Please read these Terms carefully. If you do not agree with these Terms, then please do not use the Website. If you do use the Website, then your conduct indicates that you agree to be bound by these Terms. We may change these Terms from time to time without notice to you in our sole discretion.
Access to Website
We cannot guarantee the continuous, uninterrupted or error-free operability of the Website. Access to the Website is permitted on a temporary basis and we reserve the right to withdraw, modify or suspend the service we provide on the Website without notice. We will not be liable to you or any third party for any unavailability, modification, suspension or withdrawal of the Website, or any features, parts or content of the Website at any time for any period.
We may change the format and content of the Website from time to time without notice to you in our sole discretion. We cannot and do not guarantee that any content of the Website will be available or free from viruses and/or other code that may have contaminating or destructive elements.
Registering an account
When registering for an account you warrant that all information you provide is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge and belief. We reserve the right to refuse to register any user. You are solely responsible for protecting your login details and password and we will not be held liable for any loss or damage that may result from your failure to do so.
Closing an account
If you wish to close an account you have registered with us, then you may do so by emailing our client services team at We may close your account at any time if we believe you are in breach of these Terms or, acting reasonably, we believe it appropriate. Should we close your account, we will provide you notice of such closure.
Restrictions on Use
Except to the extent permitted by these Terms you are not allowed to:
use the Website and anything available from the Website for unlawful purposes;
attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Website, the server on which the Website is stored or any server, computer or database connected to our Website;
reproduce, duplicate, copy or re-sell any part of the Website or anything available from the Website without our consent or in contravention of these Terms;
store pages of the Website on a server or other storage device connected to a network or create an electronic database by systematically downloading and storing all of the pages of the Website;
remove or change any content of the Website or attempt to circumvent security or interfere with the proper working of the Website or the servers on which it is hosted;
use the Website to knowingly transmit any data, send or upload any material that contains viruses, trojan horses, worms, time-bombs, keystroke loggers, spyware, adware or any other harmful programs or similar computer code designed to adversely affect the operation of any computer software or hardware; or
otherwise do anything not expressly permitted by these Terms.
Intellectual property
We are the owner or licensee of all intellectual property rights in the Website and in any content of the Website (including text, graphics, software, photographs and other images, videos, sound, trademarks and logos). You may only use any content of the Website for your personal, non-commercial use and may not reproduce, modify, transmit, license or publish it, in whole or in part, for any purpose without our prior written consent. In the event of any permitted copying, redistribution or publication of Website content, no changes in or deletion of author attribution, trademark legend or copyright notice shall be made. You acknowledge that you do not acquire any ownership rights by downloading Website content.


Privacy Policy

Welcome to operated by Derek Oldham CG LLC, 621 Brooks St
APT 2 Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103 “Derek Oldham CG” and sometimes referred to as
“we,” “us,” “our,” and “our company”).

Your privacy is very important to us. We want to make your experience using our Internet services (the “Services”) as enjoyable and rewarding as possible, and we want you to use our vast array of online information, tools, and opportunities with complete confidence.

We have created this Privacy Policy to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy and
security. This Privacy Policy describes how our company collects information from all
end users of our Services, including those who access some of our Services but do not
have accounts (“Visitors”) as well as those who may purchase Products and/or pay a
monthly service fee to subscribe to the Service (“Members”) (Visitors and Members are
sometimes referred to as “you” or “your”). This Privacy Policy also describes what we do
with the information we collect, and the choices Visitors and Members have concerning
the collection and use of such information. This Privacy Policy does not address or
govern any information-gathering, use, or dissemination practices related to information
collected from you through any means other than directly through or from our Services,
such as through telephone, facsimile, postal mail, personal delivery, or other offline
means or media. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully.

This Privacy Policy is incorporated into Derek Oldham CG’s Terms and Conditions by
reference, as if set forth fully therein, which must be reviewed and accepted by you. Our
Services are not intended for children under the age of 18. We do not
knowingly collect personal information online from visitors in this age group.

Personal Information Our Company Collects and How It Is Used

We collect information in different ways from Visitors and Members who access the
various parts of our Services and the network of websites accessible through our
Services. This includes personally identifying information such as names, usernames,
postal and email addresses, phone numbers, billing information (such as a credit card
number), the type of device being used to access the Services, the content you watch,
and other personal information.

We use this information primarily to provide a customized experience as you use our
Services. We also use this information to customize the content and layout of our
Services, to improve our content, for editorial and feedback purposes, and for record
keeping. We generally do not share this information with third parties. However, we may
disclose personal information collected if we have received your permission beforehand
or in very special circumstances, such as when we believe that such disclosure is
required by law or other special cases described below.

In order to access certain content, features, services, products, or benefits on our
Services, you may be required to provide us with certain information, including some
types of personally identifying information such as your name, postal and email
addresses, interests, and phone number. If you do not wish to provide such information
through our Services, you may not be able to obtain certain content, features, services,
products, or benefits of our Services.

From time to time, we may need to contact you regarding information you submitted to
us, updates to our Services, and new products or services. You agree that we may use
your personal information for such contact with you. We may also desire to contact you
for market research purposes or to provide you with marketing information that we
believe would be of particular interest. If you wish to opt-out of receiving promotional
emails at any time, please click the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the email.

Members may be asked to provide certain personal information when they sign up for
our Services. This may include your name, username, physical and email addresses,
phone number, billing information (such as a credit card number), the type of device
being used to access the Services, and other personal information. The personal
information collected from Members during the registration process is used to manage
each Member’s account (such as for billing purposes) and as set forth above. This
information is not shared with third parties, unless specifically stated otherwise or in
special circumstances as described below.

Partners and Sponsors
We may offer you products and services in conjunction with a third party, such as an
affiliate, an independent contractor, a non-affiliated partner of our company, or a
sponsor of our Services. To provide you with these products and services, the third-
party partners and sponsors may collect and maintain personal information. In these
instances, you will be notified before any such data is collected or transferred, and you
may decide not to use that particular service or feature. Additionally, we may share non-
identifying and aggregate information, but not personal information, with such third
parties in order to administer the products or services offered.

In instances where we jointly promote our Services with a third party, we may provide
the third party with certain personal information (such as the names, usernames, postal
and email addresses, and other personal information of persons who become Members
as a result of the joint promotion) in order to provide and assess the results of the
promotion. In this instance, personal information may not be used by the third party for
any other purpose.

Online Shopping
If you order services or products directly from Derek Oldham CG, we will use the
personal information you provide only to process that order. We do not share this

information with outside parties except to the extent necessary to complete that order.
At some websites linked to our Services, you can purchase third-party products and
services or register to receive materials, such as a newsletter, catalog, or new product
and service updates. In many cases, you may be asked to provide contact information,
such as your name, username, physical and email addresses, phone number, and
credit/debit card information. If you complete an order for someone else, such as an
online gift order sent directly to a recipient, you may be asked to provide information
about the recipient, such as the recipient’s name, address, and phone number. Our
company has no control over the third parties’ use of any personal information you
provide when you purchase products or services from a third-party website or register to
receive materials from a third party. Please exercise care when doing so.

Online Advertisements

We may display online advertisements. We do not share personal information about our
Visitors and Members with these advertisers. However, we do share aggregated and
non-identifying information with these advertisers about our Visitors and Members,
including information collected through the registration process as well as through
online surveys and promotions. Additionally, in some instances, we use this aggregated
and non-identifying information to deliver tailored advertisements. For instance, an
advertiser tells us the audience they want to reach and provides us an advertisement
tailored to the audience. Based upon the aggregated and non-identifying information we
have collected, we may then display or send the advertisement to the intended

Responses to Email Inquiries. When Visitors or Members send email inquiries to us, we
reply using the return email address provided. We do not use the return email address
for any other purpose, and we do not share the return email address with any third

Voluntary Customer Surveys
We may periodically conduct surveys. We encourage our Visitors and Members to
participate in these surveys because they provide us with important information that
helps us to improve the types of products and services we offer and how we provide
them to you. We keep your personal information and survey responses confidential. If a
third party conducts the survey for us, we require that third party to keep your personal
information and survey responses confidential. Participation in our surveys is voluntary.
We may aggregate survey responses to create broader, generic responses to the
survey questions (such as gender, age, residence, hobbies, education, employment,
industry sector, or other demographic information). We then use the aggregated
information to improve the quality of our Services and to develop new services and
products. This aggregated, non-personally identifying information may be shared with
third parties.

Special Cases

We do not to use or share your personal information in ways unrelated to the ones
described above without also providing you an opportunity to opt out or otherwise
prohibit such unrelated uses. However, we may disclose personal information about
Visitors or Members, or information regarding your use of the Services or websites
accessible through our Services, for any reason if, in our sole discretion, we believe that
it is reasonable to do so, including for collections-related and credit-related purposes to
credit agencies, collection agencies, and merchant database agencies; as required by
law enforcement or to satisfy laws such as the Electronic Communications Privacy Act,
the Child Online Privacy Act, applicable regulations, or governmental or legal requests
for such information; to disclose information that is necessary to identify, contact, or
bring legal action against someone who may be violating our Terms of Service or
Acceptable Use Policy or other user policies; to operate the Services properly; and to
protect our company, our Members, and our Visitors.

“Cookies” and How Our Company Uses Them

A “cookie” is a small data file that can be placed on your hard drive when you visit
certain websites. We may use cookies and other identifiers or methods of web analysis
to collect, store, and sometimes track information for statistical purposes to improve the
products and services we provide and to manage our telecommunications networks. We
may use cookies and other identifiers and methods to save your settings and to provide
customizable and personalized services. Be aware that if you visit other websites where
you are prompted to log in or that are customizable, you may be required to accept

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of your information being used in this way, most
computer systems and web browsers offer privacy settings and options, such as
disabling cookies or opting for “Do Not Track” features. Derek Oldham CG does not
override these settings or options, and we encourage you to use them to enhance your
choices and personalize your experiences. However, if you opt to utilize such privacy
features of your computer system or web browser, you may not be able to obtain certain
content, features, services, products, or benefits of our Services.
Advertisers and partners may also use their own cookies and other identifiers and
methods. We do not control use of these cookies or other identifiers and methods, and
we expressly disclaim responsibility for information collected through them.
Public Forums

Please remember that any information you may disclose in any Member directory, or
any other public areas of our websites or the Internet, becomes public information. You
should exercise caution when deciding to disclose personal information in these public
areas. We assume no liability for the accuracy of such information, no duty to update or
correct such information, and no liability for such communications arising under the laws
of copyright, libel, privacy, obscenity, or otherwise.

Our Company’s Commitment to Children’s Privacy

Protecting children’s privacy is especially important to us. It is our policy to comply with
the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 and all other applicable laws.
Therefore, we restrict our Services to persons eighteen (18) years old or older.

Our Company’s Commitment to Data Security

Services and websites we sponsor have security measures in place to protect the loss,
misuse, and alteration of the information under our control. While we make every effort
to ensure the integrity and security of our network and systems, we cannot guarantee
that our security measures will prevent third-party “hackers” from illegally obtaining this
information. Moreover, the security and confidentiality of any communication or material
transmitted through the Internet or any wireless network, including via our Services,
email messages, or text messages, cannot be and is not guaranteed. You acknowledge
that the technical processing and transmission of content via our Services may be
transferred unencrypted and may involve (i) transmissions over various networks; and
(ii) changes to conform and adapt to technical requirements of connecting networks or
devices. Accordingly, we are not responsible for the security of information transmitted
via the Internet or any wireless network.

California Residents

Under California Civil Code Section 1798.83 (the “Shine the Light” law), California
residents who provide personal information in obtaining products or services from
Green Flower are entitled to request and obtain from us once per calendar year
information about the customer information about them that we have shared, if any, with
other businesses for their own direct marketing uses. If applicable, this information
would include the categories of customer information and the names and addresses of
those businesses with which we shared customer information for the immediately prior
calendar year (e.g., requests made in 2018 will receive information regarding 2017
sharing activities). If you are a California resident and would like a copy of this
information, please submit a written request to:
Derek Oldham CG
621 Brooks St APT 2
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103

Where to Direct Questions about our Privacy Policy

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or the practices it describes, you
may contact us through the contact information provided on this website.
Revisions to this Policy

We reserve the right to revise, amend, or modify this Privacy Policy at any time and in
any manner by updating the applicable posting. Your use of our Services following any
changes means that you agree to follow and be bound by the Privacy Policy as
changed. Any change to this Privacy Policy shall be effective as to any visitor who has
visited our Services before the change was made. It is the obligation of users visiting
our Services before the change to learn of changes to the Privacy Policy since their last
visit. Last modified: 11/9/2022

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